Monday, 14 March 2011


White knitted top - vintage
Denim shorts - Zara (bought about 2 years ago)
Satchel - Primark
Squirrel necklace - H&M

Hello. Here's what I've been strolling around in the sunshine in today. I love this jumper, it almost reminds me of the ones in New Look at the moment, here, but with more of an interesting pattern. I think it'll be great for spring if we have more weather like today, it keeps you warm but at the same time you get a nice breeze coming through the little holes :P I picked it up in a lovely little shop in Lancaster called The Vintage Shop and it was only £7, awesome.

Despite the weather being quite rainy, Georgie and I had a really great weekend in Lancaster, visiting friends and looking around the uni. Just a bit typical that the sun decided to show it's face on the Sunday we went home. I'm off to the gym tonight because I feel really guilty for the amount of alcohol and calories I've consumed over the past few days! Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too and a big hello and thank you to all my new followers, pretty amazed at the rapid increase lately!


  1. Really into boxy style jumpers right now! Nice style & What a bargain!!! Lovely x

  2. Love your jumper! Gorgeous photos! Hope you visit back :)

  3. The jumper looks lovely on you :) And I couldn't help but smile at the little pug :') so cute! :)

  4. Love your outfit, very cute, especially that jumper! xx

  5. aw i've been wanting a jumper like that for agesss, lucky you! and the dog is soo adorable :)

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