Tuesday, 29 March 2011

lost and found

Customised playsuit - Primark (over a year or so old)
Belt - Primark

Recently found this hiding in a dark corner of my wardrobe, it still had the tag on; £13. There's a reason why I've never worn it, it was far too big at the top and was so low-cut that it gaped, revealing far too much... It also had little puffy sleeves and to be honest, me and puffy little sleeves just don't get on. I know I must have bought it because I love the print and after a few little customisations I know I'll be wearing it from now on. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner, but all it took was a little stitch put cleavage area to close the gaping material and snipping off those sleeves (admittedly I made a bit of a pigs ear out of that and it looks a little rough around the edges but the hair hides that enough) Now all I need to do is tone up those ghastly white thighs and get a bit of a tan.

I haven't posted in over a week, I've been online loads but I've just been a bit lazy. I've had this cold and congestion for over 2 weeks or so and I'm currently deaf in my left ear so I'm feeling a bit out of sorts, I hope it goes soon. I have been going for runs recently in an attempt to clear my sinuses and to get my fitness levels up, can't say it's worked so far...


  1. Love the print on the playsuit+you'd never know it was a DIY job! Looks fab!xxx

  2. such a lovely outfit :)
    Flora x

  3. I'm ill at the moment too, snotty nose, headache of a cough... mmmm lovely! :P Your playsuit is really nice, very summery! I like the addition of the belt and I am rather jealous of your clevage!!!! haha

  4. Love playsuits right now!! and loving the belt with it, you did a great customisation...& you can always pop over a blazer or sleeveless denim jacket if you wanna wear your hair different, so it's a win win! Hope you feel better soon x

  5. Great summery outfit, you look really cute in your own customised outfit :) xx

  6. Gorgeous playsuit! Cutting the sleeves off sounds like it made it a lot better, I hate little puffy sleeves, ahaha.

  7. the print is adorable! primark do the best playsuits x

  8. Love this playsuit, the print is gorgeous. What a good idea to change it so that you like it more.

    Rapture x

  9. Loooooove your style !!!

    LOVE minnja


  10. the outfit is really gorgeous. Floral prints are just lovely