Thursday, 10 March 2011


Sleeveless shirt - Topshop
Skirt - H&M
Belt - New Look
These pictures were meant to focus on the hair since my eBay hair extensions arrived today, but in fact you can't really see much difference. I can however feel the difference. My hair is quite long already and my main reason for trying out extensions was to achieve more volume and thickness. When I opened them my initial thought was that they're quite thin and weren't going to do a lot. So I put them in and they were longer, I might have kept the length had the ends not been so sparse, so I trimmed them to a little longer than my own hair. When I put them in after this I noticed that my own hair blended with the extensions a lot more, I curled and styled the ends to disguise them even more and overall I'm rather pleased. What I hated about my own hair was the fact that it looked quite thin at the ends at the back but now that's not the case. I know they're not the best quality (at £11.99 for 16" half a head you get what you pay for) but for me they do the job and I'm actually happy with my purchase. Has anyone else ever bought eBay extensions or know any other good places to get them?

Also, look how cute my sleepy dog is!


  1. you got the shirt? fudging jealous. Also hair looks loveeerllyyy x

  2. yes matey, it arrived last week :P and thank youuu though it doesnt look much different does it x

  3. LOVE your hair. You really suit the outfit too. x

  4. Your hair is gorgeous babe! Love the outfit too, and your dog may be the cutest thing ive ever seen:')
    Thanks for following, am following you now too!x

  5. Love your outfit & your dog is adorable <3
    Lovely blog

  6. Just flicked through your blog and your style is right up my street! Very beautiful girl also, and I wish my fringe would turn out like yours, mines as thin as anything. Lovely rust coloured top by the way!

    Katie. x

  7. your hair makes me want mine long :(
    you look great

    kate xoo

  8. I love your outfit here :) And awww, that's such a cute dog!:') What breed is it?

  9. your hair looks great! i love your outfit and your dog is too cute!

  10. Great outfit, I love the colour of your top!

    The hair extensions look great, cant believe they are from ebay!


  11. lovely outfit :)
    your hair is gorgeous anyway :)

  12. your hair looks amazing! how long can you keep them in for? x

  13. Your hair is gorgeous! I love your shirt too, what a lovely colour :)

    Maria xxx