Saturday, 29 January 2011

I'm still alive

Blouse: New Look
Ring: Primark

It's been a fair few hours since I ate those lethal raw beansprouts but I can safely say I'm still alive
Saturday night and I'm indoors, very boring, though I just had a lovely tandoori chicken. Dead naughty but dead dead niceee. I wish I could use my tripod, I'd like to have a go at doing some full length outfit posts likeee. For now I can only offer some self-portrait piss abouts. I don't like the flash on my camera, I much prefer the muted, warmer colours that you get without it. Incase you didn't know; I love muted colours. Was my A-Level photography trademark, which reminds me... I need to go pick up my £10 WHS vouchers for winning the subject award. Yeah boi!

you're so last summer

modelling a vintage silk scarf around my head ;)
yes, I did just use some classic Taking Back Sunday lyrics from my youth ;)
I'm trying to post more regularly, honest. I've been looking through pictures from last summer, and came across this one where personally I feel I look like an arab. I didn't take this picture (although it's from the shoot I did for my friend's vintage shop) but I like the set up of it, and thought it was quite nice for a bit of my friend's spontaneous photography. Anyway, the point of this was the fact that I'm actually missing the sunshine right now, and I'm missing last summer which was pretty awesome although a little sad as it was like the last proper summer we all spent together.
hai guys.
I've got a bit of decision making to do right now, I've had all of my unconditional offers from universities and now I've got to decide where I actually want to go. Which is just a bit hard because they're all different-ish courses in some way. So I'll do a few applicant days and have a good think.

If I don't post for quite some time, or ever again. It may be because today I ate some raw beansprouts which is apparently something you shouldn't do according to the adequately sized warning label on the back of the pack which states 'do not eat raw'. So it may be because I'm dead but most likely I will just not have had anything to post about! :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011


lol at my face.
Happy new year and all that jazz. One of my many new year's resolutions, apart from getting fit, is to start using this regularly and posting more.. will have to wait and see how that turns out :P I've been dying to get a new winter coat/jacket for a while now and after a disappointing purchase from motel (never actually got the coat - lost in transit! :( ) I decided to buy this faux sheepskin flying jacket from Topshop, which I absolutely love because it's so warm and cosy!

p.s really want a polaroid camera, rather than cheating on photoscape!