Friday, 29 July 2011

Wedges anyone?

Yup, they've ended up on eBay, you can bid here if you're interested!
Also be sure to check out my discounted rings in the shop

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sorry it's been a while

Nah I didn't die or anything. Turkey was amazing, a well needed break from reality. If I was motivated, I'd post some pictures or something but right now I can't be bothered, oops :P I'm actually feeling pretty ill as I write this, on the last day of the holiday (I got back like a week ago!) I started feeling a bit sore throaty, and since returning home I've been okay, a bit sniffly here and there, but last night I got into bed and started feeling really achey and cold, and today I've just felt terrible. Despite this... I am rather happy as I received my address for my uni accomodation at the Uni of Sheffield! If anyone else is attending this year feel free to leave a comment. I have now realised how strapped for cash I am and all these deposits I'm due to pay very soon are going to drain my account completely. This is why I've permanently reduced many items in my shop, so grab a turquoise ring for £2.50! Also, those wedges are still going at £20, although I've had no interest so they're going to end up on ebay pretty soon...

Sunday, 3 July 2011

In a bit

I know my posts recently have been really sparse but anyhow I'm off to Turkey tomorrow for some sun, sea and whatever else. Really exciteddd right now even though my flight isnt until 9pm tomorrow. I'll be back in a week, providing nothing happens to me. Peace out.