Monday, 18 July 2011

Sorry it's been a while

Nah I didn't die or anything. Turkey was amazing, a well needed break from reality. If I was motivated, I'd post some pictures or something but right now I can't be bothered, oops :P I'm actually feeling pretty ill as I write this, on the last day of the holiday (I got back like a week ago!) I started feeling a bit sore throaty, and since returning home I've been okay, a bit sniffly here and there, but last night I got into bed and started feeling really achey and cold, and today I've just felt terrible. Despite this... I am rather happy as I received my address for my uni accomodation at the Uni of Sheffield! If anyone else is attending this year feel free to leave a comment. I have now realised how strapped for cash I am and all these deposits I'm due to pay very soon are going to drain my account completely. This is why I've permanently reduced many items in my shop, so grab a turquoise ring for £2.50! Also, those wedges are still going at £20, although I've had no interest so they're going to end up on ebay pretty soon...


  1. ah, i'm (hopefully) going to sheffield hallam university this september!
    i feel your pain about being strapped for cash, i just wish i actually had anything worthwhile to shove on ebay and whatnot! :P :) x

  2. well well, welcome back :)

  3. Ah uni stuff is exciting congrats! I'm at York at the moment and I lived in Sheffield for a couple of years when I was younger so reppin' the Yorkshire learning. Haha.