Thursday, 26 May 2011

For Sale :)

Lace peter pan top

Cream/Nude Sheer Blouse
Pussybow blouse with lace detail to cuffs and back
Literally worn once or twice.
UK Size 10 (though oversized in style so may fit a 12 or 14), Bought for £12 from Primark
£6.50 (including postage and packaging)

I've been having a clearout of my wardrobe and instead of throwing things away I've decided to sell those that have barely been worn. I'll put them on my website so the transaction is easier and can be sold via PayPal. So first come, first serve. Thanks for looking! :)

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Monday, 23 May 2011

a million years behind

I can't believe I only recently discovered Poladroid. I love film photography, especially polaroids and spent most of my A-Level manipulating colour in Photoshop and various other editing programmes, inspired by a polaroid project by Walker Evans. This little download is just amazing, so simple and so effective. So with a lot of free time on my hands once more, I've been turning all of my favourite images into polaroids, mostly personal ones to put on my wall but today I decided to transform a few of my New York images. I never even uploaded my New York stuff onto the internet like everyone else did when we returned from a 3 day trip (not enough time at all) in February 2010, hence the title as I'm only just doing it now. I was really disappointed with most of them, I think I had about 700 photos on my camera and the majority were crap, I blame being ill the whole time ha! So these are just some of the few I do like.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Black bandeau - Peacocks
Chiffon shorts - LOVE
Bag - H&M
Ring - The Magpie's Nest

I love my new bag, I ordered it the other week and haven't had chance to post about it yet so thought I'd take the opportunity to now. I've fallen out with myself today after having one of those moments where you look awful in every single picture. I need to start going the gym again, I wish there was such thing as a leg reduction but unfortunately I was 'graced' with chunky legs and I can't seem to do anything to change them. Blah blah blah. Anyhow will probs wear this this weekend when I'm off out for a friend's birthday.
In other news, on friday (being the 13th) I was told I wouldn't be kept on at my job at Peacocks, I was only temporary anyhow but you know when you're just about settling in somewhere and then you find out its coming to an end, that's a bit gutting. Back to the wonderful process of finding another job. I can't wait to just get to uni and actually have an excuse to be unemployed for a while ;) So this week I vow to make the most of the last of my staff discount, I bought this bandeau because my trusty Miss Selfridge is fading to grey :( it's not as good but it was less than half the price.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Recent Buys..


I really wanted the rust coloured wrap dress but unfortunately it was out of stock and I am too impatient to wait and see if any more came back in, so I went for the tan one and the colour looks much nicer in the flesh than it does in that picture. Love the shorts, they're really floaty and a lovely rust colour so at least I got my fix. I got them from LOVE and you can often find them in Topshop concessions. I plan to do an outfit post soon.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Things to do on a day off: make a mojito

Two posts in one day, woweee. I'm proper bored. Today is my day off (I've been spoilt with a three day weekend) I went to enjoy 2 seconds of sunshine which was quickly engulfed by dirty black rainclouds and followed by a storm. My dog is currently howling as I write this. I noticed the mint in my garden had grown so I went inside and decided to make a mojito. Here's my recipe:

For one mojito:
1 lime
A teaspoon or two of sugar, depending on your liking (I used honey today instead)
A measure of rum, dark or white (e.g. Bacardi. I used Havana Club) also using vodka is a good alternative
A sprig of fresh mint leaves
A couple of ice cubes (enough to crush and fill the glass)
Soda/Sparkling water (although when the ice melts you don't always need it)

I don't think there's any right or wrong method, it's basically a chuck it all in and mix it up kinda drink. I used my food processor to whizz up the ice into a nice crushed consistency and put it in a tall glass. I cut my lime in half, used a juicer to squeeze all the juice out and poured this into the glass. I also juiced the other half in the same way but left two slices of lime out for garnish. Then I poured in the rum, I never measure, I'd say a shot if you want to be specific but whatever works for you. Put the sugar (or a good squeeze of honey) into the glass and add the mint leaves. Then use a spoon or cocktail mixer and push it to the bottom of the glass and pump it about so you mix everything up. That's about it, you can now use the soda water to top up if you want to and then add the lime wedges and a little sprig of mint leaves to make it look pretty.

Btw I'm totally not an alcoholic, drinking at this time of day ;) like that facebook group says 'Alcoholic? I believe it's pronounced drinking enthusiast'

walking on a dream

The headband I'm wearing is from Peacocks (obviously) been spending all my wages in store, as soon as we get a delivery and I see new stock I like, I make a mental shopping list in my head. It's been a 40% off week this past week so I've bought too much, but at least saved myself some money. 

I've now posted the rings to everyone who ordered. I hope they arrive safely and you're pleased with them!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

To those who have purchased from my shop...

I'm still waiting on some jiffy bags to arrive and I've got the weekend off so I hope to have them posted and with you early next week. Thank you very much, hope you enjoy :)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Quick. 50% off rings

50% off every ring on my online shop until midnight tomorrow (00:00 GMT) 
Treat yourself to a bargain!
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Sorry for the lack of thrilling posts guys, feeling dead lazy atm, not used to this whole work malarky yet ;)
Feeling like my cat: