Monday, 16 May 2011


Black bandeau - Peacocks
Chiffon shorts - LOVE
Bag - H&M
Ring - The Magpie's Nest

I love my new bag, I ordered it the other week and haven't had chance to post about it yet so thought I'd take the opportunity to now. I've fallen out with myself today after having one of those moments where you look awful in every single picture. I need to start going the gym again, I wish there was such thing as a leg reduction but unfortunately I was 'graced' with chunky legs and I can't seem to do anything to change them. Blah blah blah. Anyhow will probs wear this this weekend when I'm off out for a friend's birthday.
In other news, on friday (being the 13th) I was told I wouldn't be kept on at my job at Peacocks, I was only temporary anyhow but you know when you're just about settling in somewhere and then you find out its coming to an end, that's a bit gutting. Back to the wonderful process of finding another job. I can't wait to just get to uni and actually have an excuse to be unemployed for a while ;) So this week I vow to make the most of the last of my staff discount, I bought this bandeau because my trusty Miss Selfridge is fading to grey :( it's not as good but it was less than half the price.


  1. Love this outfit, especially the shorts. Really love your hair too (it's actually a similar style to mine at the moment - long fringe wise). You look gorgeous in these pictures and your legs look great so you shouldn't worry!!

    Sorry to hear about your job, but good Luck in finding another (better) one! :)

    I'm your newest follower xxx

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous and those shorts are lush!xx

  3. Those shorts are absolutely adorable! Definiely raiding love now! xx

  4. Love the shorts, look fab on you. You also look bloody stunning here!! xx