Monday, 9 May 2011

walking on a dream

The headband I'm wearing is from Peacocks (obviously) been spending all my wages in store, as soon as we get a delivery and I see new stock I like, I make a mental shopping list in my head. It's been a 40% off week this past week so I've bought too much, but at least saved myself some money. 

I've now posted the rings to everyone who ordered. I hope they arrive safely and you're pleased with them!


  1. You look so pretty here. Love the headband.

  2. Wow, this is absolutely beautiful :)

    Looking forward to my ring arriving!

  3. you look beautiful my lovely! :3
    i love the head band too, i'm so looking forward to my rings too x

  4. I love the headband, very sweet! I do that too at work, I work at Accessorize! x

  5. You very pretty in this photo. Lovely headband :)