Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pale ting

 I hate my camera. For some reason unknown to mankind my pictures are turning out grainy and very disappointing. Bit of a film effect going on. My hair is hideous today but whatevs. On a better note I managed to get my nose ring in, I tried a couple of weeks ago and it seemed impossible but today it went in as easy as anything. My top is from Primark, as are the very ancient shades (I know it's not sunny but who cares?) The camel trousers that you can barely see are Miss Selfridge. I was going to take a shot of my rings but they aren't that exciting so it doesn't matter :P Bonsoir!


  1. ooh i love the film effect! i miss my nosey piercing :( <3

  2. love fair skin, looks so girly

  3. Can't believe that top's from Primark, it's gorgeous! Sally x