Monday, 7 February 2011

Don't mean to be giving the camera evils but my smile just wasn't working today. It's just one of those daaaaays... you know. Yeah so I went into Manchester yesterday for a bit of a shop, we were mainly supposed to be going to China Town to see the Chinese new year celebrations but I used it as an excuse to have a browse binge round Primark. I say browse but I had a bit of a minor heart attack when I got to the till. Always the way, you think you're putting in things at a good price (though I have to say it's getting more expensive) and then it all adds up! I didn't get that much but I still treated myself. I intend to do a post showing the stuff I bought, just incase anyone's interested ;) In fact, you can just about see the playsuit I bought in that photo. So yes, I will try to be a better blogger...


  1. Thankyou for the follow :)
    Thatplaysuit looks nice, I would love to see your haul :)

  2. You're beautiful. Love your hair x