Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Out of focus

Sleeveless shirt - Peacocks
Shorts - New Look

I think this post is a bit of a cheat because the photos are crap but hey ho, today's my day off and I thought I better keep things fresh on the blog. Work's been knackering and social-life stealing but it's getting alright now because I'm doing 4 hour days, a blessing in comparison to the 9 hours I was doing almost everyday during the first week. I am however getting into the swing of things, and enjoying myself so far. We've got some really nice stuff in tbh, and I treated myself to this shirt (along with a pair of sandals) with my staff discount. I can't wait for the 40% off  (friends and family exclusive) week coming up, I'm going to blow my wage in one mere shop. Currently developing 'tannorexia' since discovering St Moriz ;) it sorta flatters my hideous chunky once white areas... Ta-ta for now!


  1. Your tan looks amazing! It makes me feel like such a milk bottle, ahaha :) Love the outfit too!

  2. I am so addicted to st. moriz at the moment it's not even funny, I understand what your going through :) Lovely outfit!

  3. Love this outfit-paperbag shorts=perfect! +i am SO jel of your tan you have no idea, looks like you've been on a good holiday, haha;) Xxx

  4. gorgeous outfit, i love your shorts and you're so pretty! x